My kids are lego obsessed (whose isn’t? and yes, it comes and goes in waves) so every year since we’ve known about the #sydneybrickshow2015 we’ve went. I think this is the third year we’ve been and in those 3 years the show just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

This year for the second year in a row, it was held at Sydney Town Hall. We enjoyed looking at all the exhibits but the princess enjoyed helping build blocks for the bandaged bear for Bear Cottage and the little man was excited over his purchases of accessories for his lego men.

Some of the Lego builds…

Lego Volkswagen Combi

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Snow White or The Queen?

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We’ve been looking forward to watching this show ever since it was announced. We even contemplated on flying to Melbourne (where it was doing it’s first run) for a weekend just to catch the show. And I think we were one of those who bought the tickets during the presale. The little man is such a fan but from his demeanor you really would not be able to tell how excited he was that we were going to see the show.

I must say that the show did not disappoint! The staging was wonderful, even the little man was in awe of how the sets were done. The cast and crew were amazing! Simon Gleeson (Jean Valjean) was perfect! Really can’t say enough about this musical.

It was truly a great Saturdate for the little man and I. ❤️


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